Saint Patrick’s Day wontons

The modern St. Patrick’s Day Dinner of corned beef and cabbage is 100% American, likely originating from New York City’s Irish, Jewish, and French immigrant quarters. The potassium nitrates used during the early 1800’s were roughly shaped liked corn niblets, thus the name, corned beef.

This evening’s corned beef, seasoned with mustard seed, bays leaves, allspice berries, salt, and pepper, was slow cooked in a crock pot all day with carrots, potatoes, and cabbage. Which is delicious when eaten with hot bread and butter, but the best part comes this weekend, when the leftovers will be converted… into wontons!


Last year, in honor of American traditions with old world names, we made an all American snack with the leftover corned beef. These make for the crispiest, can’t eat just one, wontons when you shred the corned beef and mix it with sauerkraut, butter fried bite sized pieces of potatoes, and shredded swiss cheese, and wedge them into wonton wrappers. When quick fried in peanut oil and well drained, they are irresistible when hot!

However you celebrate, have fun, be safe, and eat well!